I get an error message about DDRAW.DLL.
Please ensure you have downloaded and installed Microsoft DirectX 7.0 or later. You can download it here.

I get an error message about FMOD.DLL.
Please ensure you have unzipped the ZIP file in a directory before launching the executable.

(When) Will you add network support?
Yes, this is currently in progress. In a few months I guess.

How do I make joysticks work?
You have to plug in the joystick(s) to your machine, install it within Windows, ensure Windows can read the joystick(s) state. Finally, launch the game, and you will be able to select JOYSTICK1, JOYSTICK2, and so on, according to the number of joysticks you have.

My computer beeps when there are too many keys pressed on the keyboard.
This is a known bug. In fact, it depends if your keyboard's hardware supports a lot of keys pressed at once. Generally USB and PS2 keyboards are OK with this. Older keyboards generally can't have a lot of keys pressed together.

Can you send me the source code of your game?
No. I'd like to keep it secret for a while. I wouldn't like to see that a fool used the code to do something stupid, or to make money. I mainly coded this game in order to be hired as a game programmer. I'll probably release the source code when it is getting old and when I have at least a two years experience in the game industry.